Agro chemicals

969075_546252008754475_1061486844_nWith an increasing over 12% annually of market size, Vietnam Agro-Chemical is a promising market for a long term imvestment . There are many multinational companies as well as manufacturers from China, India and other countries are playing in this market. With understanding of market and high energy staffs, Agricare Vietnam co-operates with Agro-Chemical manufacturers and traders around the world to develop and maximize product’s potential in Vietnam market by:

1.Pre-sale stage:

-Providingg market information

-Providing feasible studies for new product development

-Following up related procedures for product registration in Vietnam.

2.Sale stage:

-Co-operating for finding right distributonrs

-Creating and running marketing campaign.

-Free sale to other distributors to maximize product potential

-Supporting local distributors with technical sildes and quality problem

3.Post-sale stage;

-Following up payment matters with local distributors

A good relationship with distributors system in Vietnam brings Agricare Vietnam a big potential to develop well Free Sale in this competitive market.

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